Restaurant Interior Design | Restaurant die Waid | Zurich | Pia Schmid

Renovation of an existing restaurant, Brand in June 2004, reconstruction 2004/2005 The design and room concept for “die Waid“ was to be futuristic; free open rooms which you can take generous strides through. Clear organisation was needed between the entrance, the lounge, the “Wok-Restaurant“ – a bar parlour, and the restaurant, which faces the whole panorama of Zurich. And lastly, in the red hall there is a facade disruption in a dark wall – which looks like a picture postcard on a viewing deck. Less but more specific disruptions were made, which accept but do not conceal the old construction volumines of the various architectural eras. The colours were chosen so that on the one hand if you glance behind, layers of various warm colour tones are noticeable – always irritated by a strong green tone accent – and on the other....more

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